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Professional Software for Professional Needs

If your business or office has a need to process and collect bad checks (aka hot checks) and/or court ordered restitution, we have the software that you need.

Since 1988 our Bad Check Prosecution System (BCPS) and Court Ordered Restitution System (COR) software have been used for the collection of millions of dollars of bad checks and restitution by Prosecuting Attorneys, County Attorneys, City Attorneys,  and even convenience store chains.

BCPS and COR have been designed with the end user in mind.  The software runs in your office on your computers.  We are not a service company interested in processing your checks and taking a percentage off the top.  License our hot check software and you can use it to collect $100 in checks or $1,000,000 in checks - its all the same to us.

When used in a Prosecuting Attorney / District Attorney / Magistrate / County Attorney office, BCPS III will track checks by defendant, including collections, and assist your office by preparing appropriate charging documents when the time is right.  Charging documents are mail-merge documents and can include documents such as Misdemeanor Informations, Felony Complaints, Summons, Subpoenas, Probable Cause statements, and other such documents as may be required to process the case.  Of course, BCPS III will do much more than just prepare charges.  Take a look at the BCPS page for more details.

When used in a commercial environment, such as convenience store chains or other such commercial businesses, BCPS III will do all of the same things to track checks and collections, but the charging documents will now become the documents that you need to prepare in order to take the case forward to your Prosecuting Attorney / District Attorney / Magistrate / County Attorney if your customer fails to pay following your letter(s).  BCPS III will also allow you to track and report totals by store if you wish.  See the BCPS page for more details.

Our Court Ordered Restitution software (COR) works hand in hand with BCPS in a government / court environment.  COR provides the same types of tracking and reporting functions as BCPS III does, the difference being that COR is designed to handle not only bad check cases, but any type of criminal case, whether it be burglary, vandalism, or any type of case that requires restitution collection and disbursement. 


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