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Bad Check Prosecution System III

The Bad Check Prosecution System III (BCPS III) is a system designed to assist your staff as they handle the process of collecting bad checks for your merchants and constituents. Whether you refer to them as "hot checks", "bad checks", or "insufficient checks", BCPS III is the tool your office needs. BCPS III allows you to send notice letters, post payments, prepare charging documents, and print historical reports of what you have done.   BCPS III can even print disbursement checks for you.  Whether you are a County Prosecutor, Magistrate, District Attorney, County Attorney or maybe even a convenience store chain, BCPS III will help with your bad check collection process.
BCPS III is much more than a ledger sheet for your computer.  BCPS III is very pro-active in helping manage your collections, by notifying you when it is time to send a second notice letter, or when it is time to file charges against unpaid checks. 

Because of our method of searching by defendant name and/or payee name, BCPS III is very easy to use.  Once a defendant or payee has been entered into your system you never have to key them again - just pick them from the alphabetized list.  This makes data entry a quick and accurate process.    Defendants and/or payees who are not already in the system can be entered "on the fly" at the touch of a single keystroke.



One-time entry of all defendants (bad check writers) and payees.  Once a check writer or payee is in the system, you never have to enter them again.

Automatic preparation of Notice Letters by merging data from keyed checks into an MS-Word (r) or WordPerfect (r)  notice letter merge document.  This allows your office to maintain your own notice letter layout and wording, and make changes when you need to.  We can even scan and include your state seal or corporate logo in your documents, saving you money by printing on plain white paper instead of expensive preprinted letterhead.  (sample .pdf)

Prepares charging documents (Information; Complaint; Warrant; Summons; etc.) on demand by merging into MS-Word (r) or WordPerfect (r) documents.  Once again, you maintain the actual documents, so you can have as many different types of charges as you require (misdemeanor; felony; multiple count felony; non-existing account; etc.).  You also control other aspects of the document(s), such as the number of copies, paper selection, and so on.

The on-line inquiry allows you to locate information by defendant name or payee name.  The inquiry starts by having you select the desired defendant, then presents a list of all of the checks for that defendant.  You can also select a specific check to get detailed information about that check, including date of the notice letter, date paid, date charges filed, check amount, P/A fee amount, merchant fee amount, and much additional information.

An unlimited space is available to store narrative (memos, comments) about each defendant.  This is a free-form space in which you can key anything that you wish to retain about this defendant.  Typical comments would be along the lines of  "Def called today and said he would pay by Monday" (liar!)   All comments are dated and are available for display on the inquiry screen or printing on the defendant history report.

You can optionally print a Defendant History Report by hitting a single F6 key during the inquiry.  This report will show all checks, payments, adjustments, comments, and charges which comprise this defendant's bad check history.  The report is arranged so that comments appear in a separate section at the bottom of the report.  Content of the report is determined by selections you make at the time you print, allowing you to decide whether to include things like comments and payment history.  If you're printing it to give to the defendant, you might not want him to see your comments!  But, if you're giving it to the Attorney for court use, those comments are probably important to have.

The system will automatically calculate and assess your P/A Collection fee based on a user defined table.

BCPS III can also calculate and assess a user/merchant fee at data entry time.  This is a fee that is to be collected for the merchant over and above the face amount of the worthless check.   This can also be set up in a user defined table.

BCPS III keeps separate track of the check amount, P/A fee, and user/merchant fees on all inquiries and reports.

If you wish, BCPS III will also allow you to accept partial payments from the defendants, and will track the outstanding balance on each bad check accordingly.

Some of the available reports:

1. Checks received  (by date range)
2. Checks Collected (by date range)
3. Checks by Payee
4. Checks by Defendant
5. Print Receipts Listing (selected by date or receipt#)
6. Defendant History Report
7. Payment Receipts
8. Notice Letters
9. Restitution Letters (to victims)
10. Charging Documents (Information, Complaint, Summons, etc.)

Sample mail-merge documents  (pdf documents)

I'm a C-store chain; how will BCPS III work for me?

As a c-store chain or other commercial business, your needs are very similar to a county Prosecutor's office when it comes to bad check processing:

  • You need to send letters to the check writers

  • You need to track payments that are made and account for them

  • You need to do follow up with check writers that fail to pay

  • You need to create documents for the court for those that fail to pay

  • You need accurate reporting of what has taken place

In your environment, your check writers will still be entered as defendants, but instead of having hundreds (thousands) of victims/payees, you will have one payee per store or department that you wish to track separately.  And since there are many reports that break down by payee, you will be able to see totals and activity per store.

When defendants fail to pay, instead of doing a mail-merge to a Misdemeanor Information document, you may do a mail-merge to a Bad Check Submittal document that you use to turn over the check to your county attorney for prosecution.

We even provide a Bad Check Writers list, so your store managers can receive updated lists of people you don't want to take additional checks from.




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