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Court Ordered Restitution

The Court Ordered Restitution System (COR) is designed to assist your office with the collection and tracking of restitution cases.   COR will help your staff track payments for an unlimited number of  victims per case.  Sequentially numbered receipts can be printed with each payment.  Payments are pro-rated to each victim, with the ability to manually distribute payments to specific victims if desired.

COR will also print disbursement checks to the victims if you desire.  On-line check reconciliation will help you balance the check book when you get your bank statement back.

Reports are available to help you track cases in a pro-active manner:  such as cases that have not made a recent payment;  and cases that are approaching the end of their probationary period.


         FEATURES OF C.O.R.   

One-time entry of all defendants and payees.  Once a defendant or payee is in the system, you never have to enter them again.  Also, COR and BCPS share the same defendant and payee files, so if you've already entered someone for BCPS, they're already in the system for COR!

Track an unlimited number of victims per case, with individual balances for victim.

Handle and track Joint-and-Several cases, where there are multiple defendants who are responsible for the case restitution.

Inquire by defendant name and/or case number.  The inquiry shows all case information, including victims and victim balances, memos, and payment history detail.  When used in conjunction with BCPS III, all information for a defendant is shown together, including bad checks and court ordered cases, providing a single stop for all defendant information.

Print a complete Case History report, including all victims, payment history detail, and memos, with a single keystroke. 

Enter and post payments as they as received.  The system will normally pro-rate payments to the victims, but you have the option to override and manually distribute any time you wish.  Of course, partial payments are acceptable.

Each payment receives a sequentially numbered receipt, whether you choose to print it or not.  An audit report prints the history of the sequential receipt numbers. (great for auditors!)

Free form entry of memos about the defendant.  These memos appear on the case inquiry and print on the case history report.

Monitor cases that are approaching the end of their probationary period.

Monitor cases which have not received a recent payment.

Prints Disbursement Checks to the victims.  COR will accumulate payments from multiple defendants and write one check to each victim.  The disbursement check stub includes payment information to help the victims reconcile their books.

If you collect Money Orders payable to the victims instead of writing disbursement checks, COR will produce Victim Restitution Letters based on the payments you've received.  These letters are created by merging data into an MS-Word (r) or WordPerfect (r) document.


Some of the available reports:

1.  Case Master List
2. Cases with no Recent Payments
3. Cases with Probation Ending
4. Payments Collected but not Disbursed
5. COR & BCPS Payments by Date
6.  Victim Restitution Letters
7.  Disbursement Checks / Check Register
8.  Payment Receipts
9.  Receipt Register (historical)
10. Outstanding Check Register



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