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Fayetteville badchecks 9/22/16

Fayetteville prtFaycheckreq.dga  9/22/16

Bessemer CORVICTIM convert    6/2/16

Bessemer undodisb  5/17/16

badchecks.exe   2/23/16

undodisbseq  Fayetteville 10/01/14 undo disbursements

badchecks       Lawrence update 8/13/14

fixunclaim     Nacogdoches fix unclaim check #   6/24/14

undodisb0501   Nacogdoches Undo Disb 5/1/14

undodisb0430    Stone sequential undo disb

undodisb0416  sequential undo disbursements for Howell 4/16/14

undodisbseq0415 sequential undo disbursements for Dent 4/15/14

undodisbseq0228  sequential undo disbursements for Harrison 2/28/14

undodisbseq     sequential undo disbursements 11/5/13

undodisbseq1121   11/21 for Stone

warrenlistaj          Warren List AJ payments with "Sent", "Def", or "Order"

fixrecondate           Nacogdoches  12/18/13  change reconciliation date from 10/31/13 to 11/29/13

badchecks.exe     Add "users" file.  Chg Memos inquiry to only show date and user on 1st entry
                                 7/10/12  Fix bug in Balance Change report so it picks up COR cases
                                4/6/12  Add F8 to Inquiry2 to jump to maint.   Also, fix 2nd notice to eliminate blank record

                               2/14/12  Fix bug in totals of Payments by Date report
                              2/3/12  Add OCN# to cormaster
                              1/25/12 Output total defn balance in noticeletter.txt
                               1/19/12   Output noticeletter.txt to c:\jonesbc AND docnames location
                               12/6/11   Fix memo positions for Balance Change report
                               12/9/10  defn Action Date updates
                               12/16/10 Statute of Limitations inquiry
                                1/3/11 Payee History chged to exclude zero balance cases on demand
                               2/28/11  PrtTDACash update

users.dga              8/7/12

prtdefnhistory.dga     8/7/12

pyposted     3/15/12   for Webster

banner print.exe 

Fix JEFFCO Disb. #      3/6/12

Jeff Care

cormaster.dga     2/14/10   Add OCN #

cormasterindexes.dga  214/10

prtTDACash.dga  2/28/11  Add "Keep" field on report

prtActionList.dga    1/14/11  Add Balance to Print Action To Do List

controlfile.dga   1/14/11   Add default D/L State;  add field for # of months to Statute of Limitations

badcheckindexes.dga  12/16/2010  Includes badcheckssol

badcheckssol.dga  12/16/2010  New index for statute of limitations inquiry

fixdaterec   12/15/2010 for Lewis P/A   change recon. date 113010

defendant.dga  12/9/10  - add Action Date & Action To Do fields

defendantindexes.dga  12/9/10  see above


paymentsbypayeecase.dga   11/3/10  new payment index


Memos.dga   10/13/10  Expand memos to 55 bytes

paymentsbydateuser.dga    10/18/10 new payments index

prtCksCollected.dga  10/18/10   add user field

coroutbal.exe     8/17/2010


prtDORInvoice.dga    5/21/10


prtcormasterlist.dga    6/29/10   modified to subtotal by origin

prtTaxInvoice.dga  7/15/10 


cormerge.dga   5/13/10  add fields for taxes


cormasterbyOrigin      5/14/10


prtReconciled.dga     4/8/10   new page for prtHeader

Buchanan releasedb4.exe    3/31/10

taneydisb.exe   3/10/10 Taney Disb Date

rvmemos.exe   2/25/10 Nacogdoches

fixdaterecon   2/24/10   Fix Date Reconciled for Morgan

prtRVReceipts.dga  2/24/10  report for RV listing

prtPayeeBalance      12/31/09 Include payment history

prtNoPmts.dga      12/17/09  include Notify Msg on Cases with No Payments Since

prtCksCollected.dga     12/11/09 option for MMR Y/N

prtCksReceived     12/11/09 option for MMR Y/N

resetrecon.exe  12/08/09  "R" all disburse checks

mmrimport           10/22/09 new address fields

fixbankaccts.exe   Stone 10/21/09

taneyaccount.exe   9/22/09   change bank accounts

noticeletter     9/21/09

payeetop3.exe   Top 3 payees 2007+  report   10/22/09

prtdeflist.dga    8/10/09  include fee and cor balances.

payments.dga    8/10/09   added pyuserid and pyactualdate

paymentindexes.dga  8/10/09  see above


combinemops.exe   8/4/09  Nacogdoches


colemvlist       3/19/09

Checks Over $1000  (older version)

Checks Over $1000 updated since 12/4/08


zipcode.dga            1/29/09 contains all US zip codes

prtMMRTurnover.dga 2-13-09

badchecksf.exe fayetteville

payee.dga   12/23/08




badcheckfile.dga  12-31-08

noticeletterWP.dga    10/28/08

prtUnclaimed.dga   10/3/08






docnames       3/24/08  added docKexport







corvictimsbypayee  2/22/08





hfixdisbdate.exe    3/10/08  Fix Date Reconciled for Warren




ck4lowercaseid    1/2/08

Fix Defendant Balances   12/20/07

1/30/2009 undodisb.exe

er:  2/14/07   removecommas.exe   and removecommaspayee.exe

Fayetteville - undodisb.exe  12/3/09


fixpayeezip                        removecommaspayee


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